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ONLY $49.95   Protect your family for the cost of taking them out to dinner!
Safe Eyes is now available for the Mac!

Safe Eyes is Effective!

Safe Eyes provides Website blocking, Instant Messaging blocking and logging, and Email blocking. Safe Eyes tracks personal data posted online on sites like MySpace, it blocks dangerous Internet programs from being installed, and provides you with usage reports and instant alerts. MacFan Magazine rated it 4.5 out of 5 and it was received the PC Magazine Editor's Choice!

No need to download updates!

In the past, Internet filters had to be updated daily or weekly to remain effective, much the same way that virus scanners are today.  Safe Eyes is a new breed of Internet filter that does not require updates.  Safe Eyes ties you into thier server-side filtering engine so you continually have the most up-to-date website database.

You choose what content to block!

With 35 different categories to choose from, Safe Eyes gives you the control to choose what will be blocked.  You can even setup a filtering profile for each member of your family!

Try Safe Eyes FREE for 15 days.

We don't want you to pay unless you are completely satisfied.  So give it a try.  The first 15 days are offered as a free trial.  You will not be charged until 15 days after you create your account.

Safe Eyes was designed to be Affordable.

Safe Eyes filtering system was designed to fit your budget, just $49.95 per year to protect three computers.

The following table shows the features included:
Safe Eyes Features Platinum
Available for PC and Mac Computers Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Control Peer-To-Peer Filesharing like Kazaa, Morpheus, etc Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Restrict Newsgroups, Instant Messengers, and more Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Create your own list of allowed and denied sites Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Popup Blocker that stops annoying popup ads Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Number of computers you can install Safe Eyes on 3
15 day free trial Safe Eyes Feature Marked
No noticeable speed delay Safe Eyes Feature Marked
You choose what to block (35 categories to choose from) Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Works with your current Internet service Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Pornography and other similar categories always blocked Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Create different profiles for each family member Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Synchronize filtering profiles with Windows XP user login Safe Eyes Feature Marked
Priority Phone Support Included
Online Web Based Support Unlimited


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