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SafeSurf Press Release


SafeSurf, a parents' online organization, donated a site on the World Wide Web to the CyberAngels, the Guardian Angels Internet chapter, as part of a aligned effort to create a child safe Internet. This site will be used to provide information to both members and new volunteers concerning CyberAngel activities.

"Together we believe that CyberAngels and SafeSurf will form an irresistible alliance for good on the Net," exclaimed Colin "Gabriel" Hatcher, CyberAngels' Netwatch Coordinator, as he unveiled the new web site. "Together we can make a difference," he added.

In addition to patrolling the Internet to prevent pedophiles from enticing children, CyberAngels will also keep SafeSurf informed of new kid' s sites they discover to become part of SafeSurf's cyber-playground.

"We felt the Internet would be better served by combining our efforts", stated Wendy Simpson, SafeSurf's president. "In the end, it's the children who benefit" , she continued.

SafeSurf's cyber-playground combines the SafeSurf Rating Standard with filtering software to provide parents and schools with a safe area for their children to surf. As more "kid friendly" sites mark themselves, the larger the playground grows.

"Our rating standard provides a technical solution, while the CyberAngels provides a human solution.", explains SafeSurf Chairman Ray Soular. "The definitive answer requires members of the Internet community to actively participate in marking their sites."

To get more information on the SafeSurf Rating Standard and the CyberAngels' site, visit the SafeSurf home page at

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