How to Update Microsoft's Internet Explorer to
Support SafeSurf Ratings (part 2)

After you Install SafeSurf, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Under the Tools menu choose Internet Options.

3. Select the Content section and click on the Settings button in the Content advisor area.

4. Enter your Password and click on OK.

5. Select the General section and click on Ratings Systems.

6. Choose Add to add a new rating system.

7. Select the SafeSurf Ratings file and click on Open.

8. Click on OK to complete the install.

9. Select the Ratings Section and adjust the levels to suit your needs. Be sure to adjust the Age Range. Then click on the Apply button.

10. Select the General Section and check the box that allows non-rated sites to be accessed.

allow non-rated sites

Internet Explorer should now be updated to support the SafeSurf Rating System.
If you have any problems, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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