Questions on How Microsoft's Internet Explorer
Works with SafeSurf Ratings

For detailed instructions on how to setup the Content Advisor for SafeSurf, click here.

1. Why can't I see some sites that I know are safe when I enable SafeSurf ratings.

Answer: Although we are making a strong impact on the Net, many sites have not yet rated themselves. (Please help us by encouraging them to rate. It only takes them 5 minutes.)

In the meantime, you may decide to allow non-rated sites to be accessed. (This will increase the risk of accessing adult sites.)

To do this, go into the Content Advisor and choose General. Then check the box called "Users can see sites which have no rating." Click on Apply.

2. My password won't work.

Answer: Many times we have found that the Caps Lock key on the left side of your keyboard has been pressed and turned on. This means that everything you type, including passwords, will be in capital letters. Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure your Caps Lock light on your keyboard is off and try again.

Important Note: If you forget your password, you must completely uninstall Internet Explorer and then install it fresh. Take heed now and do whatever it takes to not forget your password.

3. How do I adjust the settings of the SafeSurf Rating System?

Answer: We highly recommend that you adjust the SafeSurf Rating System's settings before you activate Internet Explorer's Filtering. We have received many emails about problems that were traced directly to the user not adjusting the settings prior to use.

To adjust the settings, follow the directions on our Adjust Settings Page.

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SafeSurf is trademark of SafeSurf Wave Inc.