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Van Nuys, CA - Frustrated that their children can not safely surf the Internet, parents have joined forces and formed a new watchdog organization called SafeSurf. The organization has begun implementing a standard classification system for sexually explicit material on the Internet. The rating system will be used to alert parents and to pressure information providers to take stronger measures in restricting access to sexually explicit material by minors.

"The ease of accessing this material is shocking", said Wendy Simpson, the president of SafeSurf. "Most adult bulletin board systems only provide a short message to minors to log off if they are under the age of eighteen." Currently there is not a standard on the Internet to remedy this problem. SafeSurf 's solution is a recognizable rating system that will guide the online community to control the exposure of adult material to children.

"We believe censorship from the government is not the solution to this problem", said Ray Soular, Chairman of SafeSurf. "Online communities should begin policing themselves, empowering the individual rather than the government." SafeSurf will work with the entire online community, forming alliances between parents, access providers and software manufacturers.

SafeSurf has also established an Internet presence at The web site includes information on the rating system proposal, a feedback section and a special page devoted to providing parents with a list of top sites for their online children to visit.

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