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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 27, 1995

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SafeSurf Unveils Plan to Save the Internet

In one of the most revolutionary moves since the beginning of the Internet censorship debate, SafeSurf, a parent's organization, has introduced a plan that would make the Internet safe for children without government intervention. Entitled "The SafeSurf Rating System", it changes the focus from identifying the "bad" sites to marking the "good" sites for children. It proposes that only those sites that identify themselves with a child safe code can be accessed by children. All other sites will automatically be rendered invisible to children on the Internet.

"We are creating a giant safe cyber-playground," states Wendy Simpson, President, as she described how the SafeSurf system works. "Children will have a special password, the key to their very own Internet."

According to the plan, if 10% of the Internet community participates, the remaining 90% will be moved to adopt the system, without requiring a single law to be passed. The plan appeals to the desire for better information flow and rewards participants with a greater presence online.

"This is a call to all the children's sites to stand up and identify themselves," states Ray Soular, Chairman. "If each site took just five minutes to insert the SafeSurf code, the Internet could be a safe place by the time school resumes in September. Why wait for government regulation, when we can do this ourselves, right now."

The SafeSurf Internet Rating System is posted at the SafeSurf World Wide Web site located at and is currently being reviewed by Internet access providers, members of Congress, and software developers. SafeSurf's system is receiving support from many sources, including Net Nanny, Teachersoft, SurfWatch, Solid Oak Software, creators of CYBERsitter and Microsystems, makers of Cyber Patrol.

SafeSurf's grass roots parent's approach places the power to advance the Internet in the hands of parents and people who care about children, rather than relying on large corporations or government censorship.

"The Internet community can now aggressively approach Congress with their own plan for self regulation," says Soular.

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