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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April 18, 1996

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Van Nuys, CA -- SafeSurf, who originated the Internet rating system, has developed the world's first 100% PICS compatible rating service server, announced Chairman Ray Soular today. The technology, which includes a combination of custom software, hardware and the SafeSurf Rating System, will enable filtering companies, ISPs, search engines, and parental groups to have the instant ability to operate their own large scale Internet rating service.

"This technology completes the circle of protection that we started working on over a year ago," said Soular. "What a secure server is to commerce, our technology is to child protection and parental choice."

Now groups with very little experience in technical matters can set up their own rating, classification, and filtering service for their members. SafeSurf will even offer maintenance programs to assist in operating the server.

"The goal was to take the once complex job of filtering content and make it simple enough that it could proliferate across cultures and continents," pointed out Wendy Simpson, SafeSurf's President. "We see many uses for our technology besides protecting children. It will eventually become a necessity to anyone seeking to save time by accessing pre-researched information."

The SafeSurf Server can do more than filter cyberporn. It can also be used to issue evaluations of Internet content for its suitability to the specialized needs of the user. Designed to communicate with any PICS compatible client filtering software, the SafeSurf Rating Server will respond to standardized PICS queries about a URL by sending back the rating service's evaluations to assist the client software in making content filtering decisions.

SafeSurf is an international no-fee parents' organization formed to protect children on the Internet and the rights of parents through technology and education. After pioneering the Internet's first rating system, SafeSurf became a founding member and served at the heart of the technical development of the PICS specification, and has been instrumental in fighting government censorship on the Internet. SafeSurf's web site ( provides an easy-to-rate form which content providers may fill out to create their own custom rating for their site. SafeSurf's site also features family resources such as safety basics for children online, links to filtering software, and the famous "Kid's Wave" safe list of entertaining and educational sites for all ages.

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