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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . August 1, 1996

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Van Nuys, CA -- SafeSurf, originators of the Internet Rating System, announced today that they will be working with the major Internet filtering software companies, to ensure that parents can block Internet sites containing weapon and bomb making information and recipes. The focused effort will include both encouraging volunteering rating, as well as compiling a list of such sites to be distributed among the filtering companies.

"There are bombs recipes as simple as mixing some household items, to dangerous chemicals, including home-made Napalm," stated Wendy Simpson, President of SafeSurf, as she explained how the SafeSurf Rating System's design enables custom filtering. "Our goal is to ensure that every parent can prevent their children from accessing these potentially dangerous sites," she continued.

Web publishers are urged to utilize the SafeSurf Rating System (, which includes a category for sites containing weapon making information, to rate their sites. Internet citizens also may email sites to SafeSurf for inclusion into the SafeSurf database.

"Adult information is not limited to just pornography. It includes hate literature and weapon making as well," described Gordon Ross, President and CEO of Net Nanny LTD, a Vancouver, Canada based based company that whose filtering product comes with a pre-installed dictionary which can be modified by parents. Net Nanny ( also provides updates to the dictionary twice a month at no charge. "Content identification and parental filtering provide an effective alternative to censorship, which is what Net Nanny and SafeSurf are all about," he added.

SafeSurf is an international no-fee parents' organization formed to protect children on the Internet and the rights of parents through technology and education. After pioneering the Internet's first rating system, SafeSurf became a founding member and served at the heart of the technical development of the PICS specification, and has been instrumental in fighting government censorship on the Internet. SafeSurf's web site ( provides an easy-to-rate form which content providers may fill out to create their own custom rating for their site. SafeSurf's site also features family resources such as safety basics for children online, links to filtering software, and the famous "Kid's Wave" safe list of entertaining and educational sites for all ages.

Other filtering products involved in the effort to enable bomb site filtering are Microsystems' CyberPatrol(tm), Solid Oak Software's CyberSitter(tm), SurfWatch (a Spyglass Company), and InterGO Communications' InterGO(tm).

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