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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .October 9, 1996

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SafeSurf Gives CyberAngels Wings

After more than a year of successful growth, the CyberAngels will be moving from the SafeSurf web site to their own Internet domain (, SafeSurf announced today. "This is not a sad occasion, but a time for celebration," stated Ray Soular, chairman of SafeSurf. "It's the culmination of a successful alliance which enabled the CyberAngels to grow from an email address on AOL to a worldwide organization with over two thousand members," Soular continued.

The new domain marks its opening by unveiling the world's most extensive resource and advice area on cyberstalking. This resource brings together a wide range of prevention and awareness material, including an extensive list of links to general stalking information, legal advice and gender issues research online. SafeSurf has added a direct hyper-link to this resource from its "History of a Child Safe Internet" web page.

"Cyberspace may be a Garden of Eden for some but there are plenty of snakes in it. Online sexual predators are just as distressing and should be taken just as seriously as real life stalkers, particularly since cyberstalking is often a prelude to real life stalking," pointed out CyberAngel Leader Colin Gabriel Hatcher.

The CyberAngels' original web site, donated by SafeSurf, provided the much needed global presence for them to increase their numbers and impact in cyberspace. The cyber-move is viewed as a graduation, and SafeSurf will continue to link to the new CyberAngels home, and work closely with them on Internet safety issues.

"Our relationship has grown stronger over the last year, and the CyberAngel volunteers have been invaluable in assisting us with the rating system," said Wendy Simpson, SafeSurf's president. "We look forward to more great things from the CyberAngels and could not be more proud of their accomplishments," Simpson added.

SafeSurf utilizes CyberAngels volunteers to assist them with content verification of their "All Ages" rated sites. The SafeSurf Rating System allows content publishers to identify their content with a rating, which can be read by new versions of browsers and software.

The CyberAngels currently act as an advisory service for Internet users with problems of safety or security online. They offer specialized assistance for victims of online stalking and harassment, including advice on how to protect privacy online, assistance in tracing a cyberstalker, referral to specialist support agencies and advice on reporting the problem to law enforcement.

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