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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 15, 1997

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SafeSurf to Become the Internet's Most Accessible Rating Service

WASHINGTON, July 15 -- SafeSurf, the parent's organization with the most widely used Internet content rating system, announced the SafeSurf Mirror Program today. Under this program over two thousand Web sites will be authorized to post the SafeSurf Rating Form, used to issue voluntary- ratings. The goal is to make Internet self-rating as accessible and as convenient as using an ATM machine.

"With the recent decision on the CDA and the renewed attention from Capitol Hill, it is very important that the Internet community take a proactive stance on making a safe Internet," stated Wendy Simpson, SafeSurf's president. "The opportunity for a large number of web sites to enable voluntary rating with the original Internet rating system will ensure that this becomes a reality."

SafeSurf is currently seeking the participation of all the Internet search engines in the SafeSurf Mirror Program. The popular Yahooligans directory has already taken the lead with a mirror of the SafeSurf Rating Form. "Eighteen months ago, we surprised those who said self-rating would be too difficult with the first easy-to-rate form that took less than two minutes for even a Web-novice to complete," pointed out Co-founder Ray Soular. "Today, we've even enabled quick and easy posting of the rating form on any Web site. Our goal is to take every step necessary for protecting children online and make it as smooth and manageable."

The SafeSurf Mirror Program can be accessed from the SafeSurf Rating Form at Everyone including webmasters, Internet Service Providers, search engines, and cyber-publishers are encouraged to participate.

SafeSurf is the original rating system of the Internet and was the first organization online to support parents in protecting their children. It has become the most widely used Internet rating system in the world. SafeSurf was a founding member of the PICS Consortium and was instrumental in creating the PICS protocol from the ground up. As the result of their leadership role in Internet Content Ratings, the founders, Simpson and Soular, were recognized as being among the "100 Most Influential People on the Internet." SafeSurf has thousands of members in every country in the world, and is known as the "rating system for the people."


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