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September 11, 1998
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Starr Report on Internet Should be SafeSurf Rated

Los Angeles, CA -- Stepping forward to encourage that the Starr Report is properly rated, SafeSurf, the original online rating organization, announced it has offered the House Judiciary Committee its assistance with the Internet release of the Independent Counsel's Report on President Clinton.

"We see a golden opportunity for Congress to demonstrate its commitment to responsible Internet publishing," stated Ray Soular, SafeSurf's Chairman.  "Regardless of the outcome of the proceedings, we feel that a major step towards a safer online world will be achieved with a properly self-rated report," he added.

SafeSurf provided instructions to the House Judiciary Committee webmaster on how the SafeSurf Rating Standard was designed with the ability to signal the presence of adult themes for informational purposes, and explained how its ratings are widely used across the globe and are compatible with major browsers and filtering software.

"We are confident that parents and children everywhere will applaud the Judiciary Committee for its leadership role in creating a safe Internet," pointed out John Russell,  SafeSurf's President.   "We feel that the Independent Counsel's Report will be seen by millions who will also learn the value of self-rating," he continued.

The rating the House was advised to use can also be used by the news media to rate all its material.  It enables the legal, medical, and other professions to present adult content in an informational manner.  This and other features make SafeSurf the most versatile Internet rating system ever developed.  The self-rating form can be found at

SafeSurf pioneered Internet self-rating and was the first organization online to support parents in protecting their children.   It has become one of the most widely used Internet rating systems in the world.  SafeSurf has thousands of members across Cyberspace, and is known as the "rating system for the people."


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