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Beware of Bogus SafeSurf Products

      Our name, SafeSurf, is a sign of quality because we have been assuring this quality since 1995. However, many people have contacted us about shoddy services that falsely appear to be SafeSurf® approved.  Please be aware that some overseas companies have begun unethically using our Registered Trademark, SafeSurf, without seeking our permission.  We are in the process of dealing with those companies.  In the meantime, please don't be fooled and help us by only using services that are truly SafeSurf® approved.

      Please use only SafeSurf® approved services that you find listed directly on our website. If you hear of of a service calling itself "SafeSurf" and it is not endorsed on our site, it is NOT SafeSurf® Approved.  Please alert us and stay far away from that bogus service.

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