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A Safe Internet Without Censorship
Help Us Accomplish This Goal

      It's a big job rating the Internet, and we need your help.

      First of all, we thank all those who have support us in the past.   We also thank each and every one of you who have rated with us for your commitment to responsible publishing on the Internet.  As a result, both Microsoft and Netscape and half a million people have adopted the SafeSurf Rating System.  This is a victory for parents across the globe and clear sign that they can make a difference.

      Always keep in mind that this is YOUR Internet.   Every time you contact the webmaster of one of your favorite sites and urge them to rate their site with SafeSurf, you become an active participant in making the Internet a safer place for children.  This is so important.  We have put the system in place, but it depends on your collaboration in getting the message out to webmasters that will complete the process.  Be a cyber-hero and conquer a site for safety with SafeSurf.

      We designed the rating system to be voluntary, encouraging webmasters and content publishers to rate and identify the content in their own sites. We absolutely oppose governmental censorship and have shown Congress and other governments that rating can be a clear alternative.

      We do not intend to charge content publishers for using our rating system. The SafeSurf Rating System is our gift to the Internet to preserve our rights of free speech online.

      SafeSurf began as the first international no-fee parents' organization to protect children and free speech on the Internet and developed the Internet's first content rating system. SafeSurf has taken the grassroots approach to assisting parents. Our staff interacts with parents to help them with questions and concerns regarding their children online.

      Working together, we are sure we can protect children all over the world, and the fundamental parent's right to raise their children according to their own standards. Once again, we appreciate your support and assistance, and are here if you need us.

Thank you,

SafeSurf - The Original Internet Rating System

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